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Saturday, 8 April 2017


In my last post I was thinking about the potential success of growing sub-tropical & tropical fruit here on the southern Darling Downs.  Thanks girls for your suggestions and encouragement; it has spurred me on.  I am planning for a mulberry and perhaps some blueberries.  We have some papaw trees growing on the western side of our carport and they have survived.  When we had frosts I put a couple of old sheets over them and it seemed to help.

The suggestion of rocks or bricks around the base of trees to retain the heat into the night will be taken on board as will all the others.  Peter is getting more active outside now - he seems to like mowing at the moment - I suppose he can sit while doing this - whereas digging is limited as you can imagine.  He's now got a program of hydrotherapy and also exercises he can do at home so things are improving there.  Its more the memory/cognitive function that we may need to spend regular time on.

We have had a couple of chooks who always like to escape the chook yard working in a tractor over veggie garden beds and that is giving me valuable help in doing over the gardens for winter.  I've yet to plant any seeds, having been away more than I've been here the last few weeks due to my Mum being in and out of hospital.  As she says 'getting old is a bugger'.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some weather type pics this morning, mainly because I haven't taken any garden pics in a while.

Looks like it is on fire     

Looking NW towards Toowoomba

 And perhaps a sunset for good measure...

Like my visitor bell? - an op shop find 
I will have some garden pics soon, promise :)


  1. Garden...what garden? That's what it is like around here Barb. So many weeds to get rid of after the rain. My watersaver which my hubby was fixing is now waterlogged with nettle and weeds growing in it and what was once my veggie garden is now a jungle. I have to agree with your mum about getting old as you need to be fit and healthy to keep a veggie garden growing well.

    1. So true about being fit Chel, I dug over the potato bed today and will no doubt pay for that tomorrow! Things are very slowly getting back under control here, after having been left to turn wild over the last four months. Slow and steady....

  2. stunning photos!
    i don't have a vegie garden atm, am seriously thinking about just throwing the vegie seeds out in the ornamental garden & letting them fend for themselves, if they survive great! if not, ohhh well, try something else (it's always worked in the past)
    great post
    thanx for sharing

  3. Congratulations to you both, for getting this far together. Keep believing, theres more to come. Not just beautiful sunsets, but days of so much abundance, it will break your heart at how generous life can be. :)

  4. So beautiful! I'm so glad this healing journey is progressing. xo My Bear is recovering well from his bad injuries, and is finally, after six months, able to work on the farm again. Yes, he needs to take more breaks than usual, but he's out there, and we're celebrating. :-)