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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


As 2016 draws to a close, I am very happy to say goodbye to it, as the last few weeks have been a nightmare.  On the 3rd of December Peter was involved in a serious car crash and was taken to the intensive care unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane where he remains to date in a general ward.

He received bruising to the spleen, 9 broken ribs, severe body bruising, and most worrying of all, bruising to the brain.  Thankfully the spleen, ribs and body bruising are righting themselves, and the focus is now on the brain.  He will need brain injury rehab, and I'm told he is in the best hospital to receive that.  No doubt he will need physical rehab as well, to get his body back in action, but the primary concern is what damage may have occurred as a result of the head knock.  Only time will clarify this uncertainty.

The silver lining, if there can ever be one from an event like this, is that friends, old and new have been so supportive and have rallied around from every direction.  Chel from goinggreyandslightlygreen has been in touch almost every day, and other members of our forum family at simplelivingforums.com have sent cards, hampers, monetary gifts and an overwhelming number of messages of love, prayers, positive thoughts and support.

Yesterday two of Peter's friends came out and cut up a big branch that had snapped off one of our trees in a storm that happened on the day of the crash.  While they were here, they also drenched our sheep and set up our new chicken plucker machine for use later in the day when another friend and her husband came over to process 19 meat chickens with me.  Thank you so much Steve and Scotty; and thank you Sarah and Adam.  It is a weight off my mind to have those birds sorted.

At present I'm splitting my time between here and Brisbane and our neighbours have been feeding the animals in my absence.  It is so reassuring to know that the critters are being cared for. 

I have so much to think about and organise and sort out, my mind just spins sometimes.  But I can say hand on heart, that my friends are getting me through this.  So, thank you.