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Friday, 26 August 2016

Girl Pigs

So two of our girl pigs have arrived today.  Meet Marguerite (left) and Priscilla (right).  They and two other females and two boars will make up our foundation breeding group.  They are being housed in one of our chook tractors until they are familiar with us and their new surroundings.  They seem to have settled right in, eating and drinking quite happily and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

I'm looking forward to getting them used to me so I can go in and give them a scratch and some treats.  Our dog Jessie, is a real Mum, she's taken up residence beside them and watches over them. They seem to like her, perhaps because like them, she has dark colouring.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Good news, our insurer has agreed to REPLACE the windmill.  We had thought it may be been possible to repair but when the windmill man came he didn't agree.  So the money will be in the bank account tonight and we can go ahead and organise the work to be done.

I had booked 13,000 litres of water to be delivered today so we are now back to a comfortable level; things were getting drastically low.

Elsewhere we are in the process of buying some pigs; one male and two females.  They need to be weaned and whatever else has to happen and we expect to pick them up from the breeders in about 2 months.

 So another learning curve for us.Some happy snaps we took when we were at the breeders last weekend.  Stay tuned! Oink Oink!

One of the little bubbas

They make good cultivators