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Monday, 7 March 2016


Yesterday we pulled up the last of the tomato plants still carrying fruit and hung them up in the undercover area to ripen.  We pulled off the last of the cucumbers and zucchini and dug up a basil plant and some borage plants for relocation.

Then our farm workers moved in.

The girls and guys were watching intently as we prepared the area for their occupation, fencing off areas we didn't want their intervention - ie the herb bed or the rhubarb area.  They knew something was up and once I got around to opening the gate, they were all lined up in a orderly fashion.

Once in, they got right to work.  The bed above held the tomatoes and girls were right into the upturned sods where the plants had been pulled out.

Here are the tomato plants plus other odds and ends to be put away.  We left the shade cloth tunnel in place for the chooks' comfort during sunny days.  

My potted lime tree is doing very well, having put on about 5" of growth.  I hope that its position close to the house will protect it from winter frosts.  The lime is situated next to the rogue volunteer Jap pumpkin which will yield us 6 or 7 fruit in due course.

These are the borage plants we lifted sitting in pots with clods around their roots.  

They don't look like happy campers today so I'll have to repot them into potting mix and keep the water up to them.  I think I'll cut off the outer leaves too.  I really have no idea if they transplant well like this or not, but its worth giving it a try for free plants.

In other news, Jessie has had her double cruciate ligament replacement and is resting happily at the vet.  I have been visiting her every couple of days and today she was quite animated to see me.  She was wearing one of those cone things on her head - like this.  Actually this is almost her except she has a docked tail, being a Smithfield cattle dog.  Hopefully she'll be a slim jim like this one when she comes home, the vet has her on a strict diet.  Her surgery wounds are healing well and they are starting to get her to put weight on her hind legs and doing physio now.

Peter has built a ramp for her to walk up as stairs will be problematic for some time.  Others family members will also be able to use the ramp if required.  We all really miss Jessie and are so looking forward to her coming home soon.