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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bits and Pieces

We have had a mish-mash few weeks here, both weather wise and activity wise.  Working in reverse we:

Saw the new movie "Inside Out" review with a 9 yo and her Dad.  All enjoyed it.
Made a rainbow 'non-birthday' cake for said 9 yo.  We have all now had our sugar fix for a while.

Planted the first of our fruit orchard.  Hopefully lots of growth and leaves will spring forth from these sticks in the next couple of months.

Enjoyed our growing sheep flock, especially Uno, who is now an outside sheep, having spent the first month of this life with us inside. 

I had two lovely events to attend recently as well.  The Simple Living Toowoomba group I'm a member of  had a great morning where Rhonda Hetzel from Down to Earth blog was our guest for a cuppa and chat.  We heard Rhonda's simple living story and about her new book.  Afterwards a few of us went to lunch with Rhonda and her husband Hanno.  A great day out for me.

The other event was at Clifton and Surrounds produce swap group of which I am a member.  Every couple of months we get together, this time at Kathy's place in Clifton and catch up for a chat, a meal and swap some produce or useful items.  While it is garden based, we share recipes, advice on plants and animals and a lot of laughs.  Again, a lovely day out.

We had some pretty cold weather as well the last couple of weeks, one day the thermometer didn't get above 9C and there was an icy wind blowing.  That was the day Stanthorpe about an hour south of us got snow.  It was all over the news for a couple of days as it was pretty unusual for Queensland to have snow.   Other than that, there have been some decent frosts.

Things are warming up again now though, and there are flower buds on the apricot trees.
 Bring on Spring I say.