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Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Having the house on the market during summer ensures we never have an idle moment.  The grass is growing so fast at both houses so the mower is being shuttled between the two and try and stay on top of things.  As well, the weeds are thriving so they also need to be dealt with.

I really miss my Boonah garden and was very happy to take this bunch of roses home from our last visit.
Mr Lincoln, Double Delight, Golden Girls

As we now live near the "Rose City" (Warwick) I will certainly be planting another rose garden and including some of the above varieties. 

At present we are getting the sheep and chooks sorted out.  We inherited three new chooks and lost one of our originals so we are net +2.  The three new ones are all good layers so a good supply of eggs now.

The sheep have settled in and are fat and happy.

We've started putting in gardens.  Firstly along the front fence.  As our house is close to the road we wanted to put in some trees and shrubs to give privacy and kill dust.  The first run of plants are in but we still need to kill the grass & weeds and then mulch.

Some views around the place.

And from my kitchen window...

After some good rain things are looking decidedly green again.