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Monday, 5 May 2014


After an embarrassingly long pause, I can report that we have bought a small 40 acre farm on the Southern Darling Downs.  The place has had both cultivation and stock run on it, so we hope to do the same. 

Happily there is both a dam and a windmill powered bore.

There are cattle yards, albeit needing some repairs.

The house on the place is very small, three bedrooms, but of very sound construction.  We may live in it for a while before deciding whether to extend it or move another house onto the block.  In the meantime, we will need to be very clever with our use of space in order to get by.

Fortunately there is a large shed in which we can store things until we decide what to do about permanent living arrangements.

Now of course, we need to sell our current house.  We are getting close to being able to put it to market, with a good amount of painting completed.  However we still have a list of things to finish off so its all hands to the pump at present.