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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

BOONAH OPEN GARDEN DAY (Warning picture heavy)

I lucked a seat on a bus doing the circuit of the Boonah Open Garden Day run by the Garden Club of Boonah.  The other guests were ladies from the retirement village where my husband worked until recently.  He was asked to volunteer as bus driver for the day.

It was a typical hot, humid Queensland day as we visited five private gardens, not normally open to the public.  A great opportunity to see how others do things.

My travelling companions:

We saw countless gorgeous and interesting displays.  Given the current dry conditions, it was obvious that the gardeners involved loved and put a lot of effort into their gardens.

I was told this was Bishops Lace

Gorgeous lemon frangipani

Day lillies

At every stop we were 'enabled' by the many stall holders and of course we all succumbed.  There was a vast array of all things gardening for sale.

Crown of Thorns plant

The 'No Idea' plant

The 'I always forget what its called' plant

Bed of petunias

More petunias

We saw countless roses
This was the inaugural Boonah Open Garden day and judging by the bus loads of people, I would say it will happen again.  There were other garden clubs from The Gap, Underwood, Albany Creek, and many others. So a merry time was had by all and I congratulate the Garden Club of Boonah for their incredibly hard work and organisation.  Well done!  Now I'd better go plant my plants.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Ahhh at last some rain.  We had 5mm earlier today and probably another 5 or 10mm just now.  Some lovely heavy cool rain....

However, not everyone was so amused by the thunder and lightning.

Friday, 25 October 2013


The concrete slab was poured downstairs yesterday.  So now we have a floor for the new laundry and sewing room.

Amazing where these trucks can fit into

Looking good.

We also have some new babies to look after.  Three ducklings and one chicken with a gammy leg.  They are currently living on our back verandah in a brooder that Peter made.  They seem happy enough and huddle close together whenever we lift up the lid to change the water or put feed in.

Jessie has appointed herself their minder and sits under the brooder listening to them cheep.  You can see the chicken's gammy left leg sticking out to one side.  He seems to get around fine though.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Things are moving along, albeit slowly.  The builder had a 2 week break and started back last week.  Tomorrow the concrete pour is going ahead so it will be satisfying to see my sewing room and the new laundry taking shape.

These are the current views:

This is looking from where the laundry was/will be.

This is looking back towards the laundry.  The foreground will include internal stairs and the sewing room.
With the sudden arrival of summer recently vegetable gardening has turned into a game of chance with some things keeling over and some powering on.  Our fruit area however is looking promising.

These nectarines might be small, but they are so sweet.

A promise of things to come in the blackberry patch.

And we have had news, we will be moving to Warwick on the Darling Downs in the future.  Hubby has a new job there and will be starting within the next month.  We have been wanting more land for animals, and the area around us is going ahead so fast, that we have been starting to feel a little closed in with houses going up.  He will commute initially but we hope to sort out a place up there in the not too distant future.  So the race is on to get our place finished and ready to go onto the market.  And then the packing... my least favourite thing in the world. Anyway, on with the show.  Cheers for now.