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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cotton wool house and French doors

We have removed the walls on the rear and northern side of the house in readiness for installation of windows and french doors; as well as re-sheeting with tongue & groove look wall sheets. 


Also the first set of french doors has been installed together with the servery kitchen window and the smaller bathroom vent/window. 

These doors cost us $90 for four and after a lot of stripping, scraping and sanding, they are close to good enough for repainting.  The kickplates at the bottom will need to be replaced as they have weathered too much.

These doors let so much more light into the room than the old sash window and because the glass is that mottled 'cathedral glass' so popular in the 60s, there is no necessity for curtains other than to darken the room for a sleep-in.

Once the second set of doors is in, we'll be able to start re-lining the walls, now with insulation and electric cabling also included.