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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pickled and sweet

A busy day in the kitchen again today.  First up, pickling a small harvest of beetroot from the weekend.  Beetroot for summer bbqs - looking forward to that. 

Second job was making the passionfruit butter - like lemon butter but not.  I experimented with a new recipe this time, so tasting the final product will be a surprise.

Today's tasty treats

The dogs dinner was next up; a 2kg pack of pet mince from Aldi plus plenty of vegies and rice, pearl barley and some pasta.  This makes up about 3 weeks worth of dinners for Billy and Jessie.  Once the mixture has cooled, I put it into cling wrap in plastic margarine containers ready to freeze.  Then, each day I take out a 'brick' to defrost for their afternoon meal.