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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Jessie the Dog

We have added another dog to our family.  Jessie is a 3yo kelpie-smithfield cross who needed a new home because she wasn't being exercised enough where she was living.  She is pretty overweight and we expect that will change with the running, walking and playing that she's doing now.

We will need to watch her with the chooks though, yesterday she chased one of the roosters all around the chook run and into the woodheap.  I was on the mower and could see tail feathers poking out of the woodheap and it took a long time to get him to come out again.

We're planning get both dogs some basic obedience training, mainly for when we have visitors, so they don't get bowled over!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


After a relatively mild winter (according to the locals) we now seem to be well and truly into spring.  However for the last two months to date, we've had over 100mm of rain, which apparently is unusual here.  We're not complaining - with our concrete tank leaking and only the large poly to rely on, any rain is welcome.

The deck is moving along, although slowly, as we've had a couple of weekends where we've had to go to BBQs etc which has cut into working time, but we're hoping for another push this weekend.

We've sold another group of sheep, and we're now left with 7 - the ram, Esme and her littlies, the two oldest lambs and Queenie.  The littlies will be sold off once they're a little older, but the rest will remain and any offspring will be sold as required.  We're hoping this will keep them well fed on grass in summer and in winter when the grass dies out, the feed bill won't be too bad.

We've also got another 3 brown loman chooks who are slowly settling in.  The roosters (3 now) are still in line for the chopping block as they seem very argumentative and don't contribute anything to the table.

The veggie garden is also coming to life now that its spring, the peas are finished, the beans are about midway through, and we have harvested cauliflowers, cabbages and now broccoli.  I've just finished pickling about 7kg of beetroot so hopefully that will go down well in summer on the salad plate.  The potatoes are getting very close to harvesting which will free up space for more capsicums - both mini and maxi.  The tomatoes are one big jungle but I can see heaps of fruit which will be bottled as pasta sauce etc. 

My one real failure this season was the carrots.  I got carried away and planted way too many which.  When we thinned, we transplanted the thinned seedlings out - but made two mistakes - the soil was too dry, and the roots bent back on themselves.  So we have ended up with some quite distorted and stunted carrots.  Well lesson learned, once this crop is all out of the ground, I'll be sowing more, but very sparingly!  Put it down to experience.

We've put in corn and zucchini which are both up and going, with cucumber, pumpkin and watermelon to go in shortly.